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Managing Subcontractor Default Risks During COVID-19: Part 3

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Join us for the third installment of our series “How to Manage Subcontractor Default Risks During the COVID-19 Crisis.” This installment will feature four new panelists, providing perspectives from both the commercial SDI market and the surety industry, as well as a project owner’s perspective and an updated Outlook preview and CIRT Current Issues Survey from FMI’s research and analytics team.

We've recorded our latest webinar for your convenience. By watching the webinar, you'll get the answers to the following questions:

  • What impact has the COVID-19 situation had on FMI’s market outlook and projections of construction spending?
  • What segments and markets will be most significantly impacted?
  • How are the surety and the SDI markets responding to the impacts of the crisis? What do SDI carriers expect from their insureds during a crisis like COVID-19?
  • What market dynamics are likely to play out as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How are project owners reacting to project slowdowns and shutdowns?

Enjoy our recording of the Managing Subcontractor Default Risks During COVID-19: Part 3 webinar at your convenience, as well as the presentation as a download!