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Compensation Trends & Best Practices for the Current Economy and Tomorrow’s Talent

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There’s no relief to be found from challenges in attracting and retaining talent in the E&C industry today. Stories about extreme compensation offers are rampant, and there’s common knowledge these offers are not just folklore anymore!

With the industry continuing to lead the US market in year-over-year salary increases, how should companies react to maintain and improve their employee base? More importantly, how can companies create pre-emptive programs to succeed in the future? In this webinar, we’ll also share the results and insights from FMI’s 2019 Compensation Trends Survey.

Join our webinar on November 5, 2019 at 2pm ET / 11am PT to learn about:

  • Market trends on contractor pay practices (for mission critical positions, hot jobs, and new roles)
  • “Must have” compensation and benefit plans for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce
  • Offensive and defensive compensation approaches to attract and retain key talent

Our webinar presenters will also be available for a live Q&A at the end of the webinar, save your seat now in our upcoming session!

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