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Fleet in the C-Suite: The Strategic Implications of Equipment Management

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The construction and engineering industry has seen myriad innovations in the world of equipment, but the fundamental truth has remained: at its core, the construction equipment fleet is meant to facilitate the building of projects. Yet somewhere along the way, many in our industry lost sight of this truth and became lovers of equipment for its own sake. We propose a concept that should be less controversial than it will be – that the equipment fleet is a strategic asset and should be managed as one. In a volatile and uncertain world, an optimized equipment fleet can return improved margins to projects and create capital flexibility to react to future black swan events.

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  • Explore the concept that a company’s equipment fleet is a portfolio of assets and should be managed as one.
  • Learn how to align information and organizational structures to manage risk.
  • Discuss the balance sheet implications of a traditional view of fleet ownership – and how thinking differently about equipment creates the capacity to meet a rapidly changing market.
  • Discover how to approach decisions about what equipment to buy, what equipment to rent, and how much of each will be needed.

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