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Overcoming Inertia: Why is it so Hard to Implement a Succession Plan?

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When most people think of planning for retirement and management succession, they think primarily about financial preparation and often neglect all other aspects of readiness. Major transitions like management succession hit us at the deepest places of our lives (identity, purpose and meaning, etc.). Because these topics are uncomfortable, they are easy to postpone. We will explore the personal dynamics of management succession and retirement, both how they affect the organization as well as the personal and family implications and give some practical next steps on how to move to the next chapter of life with confidence. This webinar is designed for senior executives and owners in the last decade of their career. Spouses are encouraged to join the webinar as well as these decisions have implications for the entire family system.

We've recorded our latest webinar for your convenience. By watching the webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the most common emotional and social barriers that owners face when turning a business over to the next generation
  • Get familiar with the stages of traditional retirement and explore contemporary alternatives
  • Discover next steps toward creating a personal action plan for a rewarding “encore career”

Enjoy our recording of the Overcoming Inertia: Why is it so Hard to Implement a Succession Plan? webinar at your convenience, as well as the presentation as a download!